RANCHERO is a pure aniline cow leather with a distinctive hand. RANCHERO is carefully vacuum-dried, making for a very finely grained and elegant structure. Furniture made with RANCHERO is among the very best money can buy. We are so uncompromising about RANCHERO, that we have the entire production take place in Germany. Only the very finest raw bull hide is used, and each hide is selected by hand.

Application: furniture, leather goods, clothing
Colours: 28 colours on stock
Thickness: 1,0/1,2 mm
Custom colours: 250 m² per colour
Delivery: from our warehouse in Bodenwerder, Germany
Minimum order quantity: 1/2 hide
Area: approx. 5 m² per whole hide
Raw material: exclusive premium South German bull hides
Tanning: environmentally friendly mineral tanning
Care products: Aniline Cream, Aniline Protector

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