RHINO is an elegant, thick antiqued leather, available in a full-bodied thickness of 2.0/2.2mm. RHINO has a distinctive, natural tumbled grain pattern that is gently buffed at its crests. Depending on the viewing angle, RHINO’s buffing sometimes more or less disappears, almost as if RHINO doesn’t want to be defined. RHINO is the adventurous type and thrives on this lack of a label. RHINO’s striking far wrinkles and variance in texture are deliberate - RHINO is made for lending furniture or luggage its special charm

Application: upholstery, leather goods
Colours: 16 colours on stock
Thickness: 2.0/2.2 mm
Custom colours: 300 m² per colour
Delivery: from our warehouse in Bodenwerder, Germany
Minimum order quantity: 1/2 hide
Area: approx. 5 m² per whole hide
Raw material: Central European bull hides
Tanning: environmentally friendly mineral tanning
Care products: Aniline Protector

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